Farnes OPL4 Women

Optimum Performance Living 4 Women

OPL4W is about composing a beautiful symphony with a blended harmony of activities, learning experiences and relationships for each woman to enhance the melody of her life through longevity and quality of life. OPL4W is comprised of three interconnecting divisions of care and caring:  Authentic Healing and Caring, Principled Centered Learning Concepts and OPL4W Advocacy Network.     

Find Greater Joy, Peace, Contentment and Fulfillment

OPL4W empowers women with truth to allow for self-transformation, thereby reducing suffering while maximizing abilities and establishing a simple life of provident living.

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Optimum Performance Living 4 Women will facilitate the self-empowerment and self-transformation processes required to bring about greater joy, peace, contentment and fulfillment of life. Once you step on the path of Optimum Performance Living 4 Women, you will discover the opportunity to contribute to the health and well-being of other women locally and globally.      

Farnes OPL4 Women


Farnes Authentic Healing and Caring (AH&C)

AH&C embraces the emotional, intellectual, mental, occupational, physical, social and spiritual aspects of each woman’s life, while promoting a transdisciplinary relationship with conventional and alternative care providers. The AH&C Model is customized caring in its purest form not only for healing, but also restoration, well-being and performance of mind, body and spirit to maximize each woman's potential. These services are provided by OPL4W-trained and dedicated professionals who will assist each woman in achieving her OPL4W goals, desires and dreams.  


Farnes Principle-Centered Learning Concepts (PCLC)

PCLC constitutes the Learning Division of the Farnes Institute and the configuration that allows for the overlay of learning information to correlate directly with the OPL4W. The fundamentals of the Farnes PCLC rest on four principles of effectiveness woven into the cultural fabric of the OPL4W.

Principle #1- Integrity:  Professional services are designed and developed by gathering and imparting information based on evidence of facts that are true and accurate.

Principle #2- Wisdom: A unique prospective on human performance that brings about a sense of balance and understanding of how all individual parts and abilities relate to each other.

Principle #3- Power: By allowing an individual to fully understand their true human performance reality, they possess the capacity to optimize their existence and transform their lives by becoming more self-reliant. By recognizing their personal role in this process, they become responsible and accountable for their own well-being and for healing their own suffering.

Principle #4- Security: With an enlightened understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, a woman gains an accurate identity of her self-worth and self-esteem.   


Farnes OPL4W Advocacy Network

OPL4W Advocacy Network will be organized as a nonprofit entity with a formal organizational structure at the state, county and district levels. In its simplest form, the OPL4W Advocacy Model is about women serving women by restoring hope, by assisting in the quest of identifying and understanding personal worth, by strengthening families and homes, by promoting provident living and by delivering compassionate service while promoting health and well-being for each woman.     

Farnes OPL4 Women


To unify women locally and globally through self-empowerment and self-transformation, thereby reducing suffering while developing, enhancing and maintaining harmony, longevity and quality of life.     


To facilitate, protect and enhance the emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual health and well-being of each woman.      


1. Empower Women with Truth: · Objectives:  i. Knowledge-driven data  ii. Resources of evidence/scientific-based information  iii. Observe and follow nature’s laws

 2. Reduce Suffering · Objectives:  i. Seek truth from facts  ii. Network of social and knowledge-driven support  iii. Empathic understanding of needs 

3. Maximize Abilities · Objectives:  i. Charity  ii. Contribution/Service  iii. Thrive in living life

 4. Establish a Life of Simple Provident Living · Objectives:  i. Preparedness  ii. Self-reliance  iii. Self-sufficiency  

Belief System:

Every life is precious, priceless and worth saving.   

Fundamental Ideologies

Farnes OPL4W is founded on four ideologies: First, possessing a clear vision of the correct path and the desired outcome; Second, restoring hope; Third, understanding all the needs of each woman and the necessary changes needed to navigate towards True North; and Fourth, fulfilling the desired vision, mission, goals and objectives by having the right people in the right place, doing the right things at the right time.     

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