Farnes embodies a New Path, a New Perspective, a New Vision to resolving the musculoskeletal health care crisis by delivering Knowledge-Driven Truths to promote Harmony, Longevity and Quality of Life for individuals and business.


Farnes Mission

To remain steadfast in our dedication and commitment to our Core Values as we develop, assimilate, interpret and impart Optimum Performance Living Knowledge-Driven information, concepts and principles that support consumers, providers, researchers, health exchanges and businesses.  


Farnes Philosophy

  • Seek Truth from Facts
  • Observe and Follow the Science
  • Work from the Evidence of Fact
  • Look Beyond the Obvious

Farnes Governing Values


The 13 Principles of Understanding

  • The Authentic Healing Principle 
  • The Awareness Principle
  • The Dignity and Respect Principles 
  • The Empowerment Principle 
  • The Excellence Principle 
  • The Innovative Principle 
  • The Law of the Harvest Principle
  • The New Performance Reality Principle 
  • The Performance-Accountability Principle 
  • The Security Principle 
  • The Transformation Principle
  • The Why Principle 
  • The Wisdom Principle  


Belief System

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence, Innovative Execution while Ensuring and Maintaining the Dignity and Respect of the Individual.


The 13 Pillars of Excellence

  • Advocacy
  • Altruism
  • Authenticity
  • Autonomy
  • Commitment
  • Customization
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Miracles
  • Perseverance
  • Solution
  • Truth 

Farnes Comittment to the World

Declaration of Independence for Optimum Performance Living January 12, 2013


We the People of the World have the Right to be treated with dignity, respect, fairness and honesty. This primary truth is essential and paramount in matters that directly influence an individual’s health, well-being, quality and longevity of life. By failing to uphold these fundamental principles, the illegitimacy of the competitive market has brought the World to irreversible economic and health crises that cannot be resolved utilizing the present diseased-based medical model responsible for creating these crises in the first place. Because of bottom-line financial greed and a desire for power, a few individuals, business organizations and governments have now adversely affected the Peoples of the World and subsequent generations.  

The Fundamental Law of Medicine was established to eliminate disease, distress, discomfort, pain, suffering and the decline of quality of life; and, ultimately to do no harm. The medical and health-care crises will never be resolved until chronic disease is seen as a public health problem that needs to be eliminated; that is the goal. The public need is for nothing less than this. An individual’s health and well-being should be a public concern and effort, not a business enterprise. The core elements of life have been taken from us. The peoples of the world are tethered to a SickCare System that is reactive in nature and financially engineered to meet the needs of a selected few.  

Now is the time for us to come together as a United World People to resist and to fight against atrocities imposed upon us by The Medical-Industrial-Congressional Complex who are content to have us remain passive, submissive and dependent upon their authoritative approval for our individual health and well-being. We must Stand Together to defend our Individual Rights and the rights for those unable to speak for themselves. 

Larry D Farnes, PT, DPT   

The Farnes Purpose

Farnes Stands as a Lighthouse for Hope, Safety, Knowledge and Direction


A lighthouse not only warns of danger but also provides guidance for those on a voyage of discovery. The Farnes Lighthouse stands as a monument, reminding us to Do What Is Right. A lighthouse is positioned on a firm foundation. Farnes designed the Optimum Performance Living (OPL) Model, which is founded on the Farnes Governing Core Values: Vision, Mission, Belief System, and Philosophy, The 13 Principles of Understanding and ​The 13 Pillars of Excellence. The vertical height of a lighthouse is a critical element to its value and importance as it allows travelers from a distance to see that beacon of light. Farnes has adopted a philosophy of integrity that stands alone against the elements of a broken health care system. Farnes believes that we must stand for what we believe, even if that means we must stand alone. This level of commitment and resolve is found in the Farnes Declaration of Independence for Optimum Performance Living. The light that radiates from the lighthouse provides assurance and safety from the dark and dangerous. The Optimum Performance Living (OPL) Model radiates a constant and reassuring light of hope, guidance and safety for those seeking harmony, longevity and quality of life experiences in their journeys. The Farnes Lighthouse realizes its greatest potential when its light shines forth and is welcomed with the necessary course corrections made to optimize lifes' experiences. May you have a wonderful and fulfilled life.  


Dr. Larry D. Farnes    

Farnes Professional Services


Farnes Institute

  • Physical Performance Testing Division
  • Knowledge Driven Research and Data Division
  • OPL Principle-Centered Learning and Teaching Division

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Farnes Optimum Performance Living

  • Restoration Services
  • Well-Being Services
  • Human Performance Services

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Farnes Optimum Performance Living 4 Women

  • Authentic Healing and Caring (AH&C)
  • Principled-Centered Learning Concepts (PCLC)
  • OPL4W Advocacy Network

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