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A Message of Hope

Farnes spent four decades gathering, assimilating, interpreting and imparting knowledge-driven research information/data that has fostered a nurturing environment of teaching and learning. The byproduct is a Bio-Psycho-Social Model of care and caring that serves as a lighthouse for truth, protection, guidance and advocacy in a broken health care system. Farnes is the SOLUTION to the musculoskeletal health care crisis that individuals, businesses and governments locally and globally all face.   


Farnes Vision

To positively influence global health and well-being through Optimum Performance Living Principles and Concepts thereby allowing self-empowerment and self-transformation to reduce suffering while maximizing individual, family and community talents, skills and abilities. 


How Farnes Can Help

Farnes services are dedicated to the delivery of scientific truths that lead to Optimum Performance Living. Farnes expertise reduces musculoskeletal pain, dysfunction, impairment and/or disease that affect individuals, small and large businesses and governments. Optimum Performance Living becomes a possibility through the execution and application of the Farnes Five Essential Elements in managing the musculoskeletal crisis. 

  • Expect Miracles: One has to believe that positive changes can occur and life/business can improve.
  • Restore Hope: Not wishful thinking, but action founded on evidence and facts.
  • Deepen Awareness: Teach Principal-Centered Learning Concepts that provide the best scientific truths available. 
  • Reduce Suffering: The application of Principled Centered Learning  and Teaching Concepts and leveraging the power of Knowledge-Driven Information and Data to daily life/business activities can lessen distress and affliction. 
  • Maximize Abilities: Maximization occurs as a natural process, when applying the previous four elements, to produce internal transformation thus achieving optimum performance potential.  

Why Should I Use Farnes?


A Message of Truth

Farnes has created, developed and patented a Physical Performance Analysis that systematically and comprehensively leverages knowledge in such a way to ensure the right care at the right time and in the right environment. Farnes does this to maximize resources and ensure that all stakeholders Observe and Follow the Science and Work from the Evidence of Facts in the delivery of care intervention and caring. This perseverance and devotion in research, teaching, learning and caring has yielded the world’s richest single source of musculoskeletal data and information. This new knowledge in combination with Seeking Truth from Facts and Looking Beyond the Obvious provides a unique perspective, greater understanding and ultimate long-term solutions for the musculoskeletal crisis.   


The Solution: Optimum Performance Living

Farnes has created the Farnes Optimum Performance Living (OPL) Model of care and caring that specializes in the delivery of professional services, education and products via the application of knowledge-driven information, which relies on fact not opinion. Farnes OPL provides a pathway to optimize emotional, environmental, mental, physical, social and spiritual independence based on legitimate living principles consistent with the organic laws of nature and the natural laws of man. Farnes Optimum Performance Living can reduce pain and eliminate avoidable suffering while restoring physical function, optimizing quality of life and providing a wealth of knowledge that is time-binding in nature and purpose.     


Farnes is Here to Serve

Farnes has the answers to the above questions as well as the solutions to enhance and grow businesses to their perfect potential. Farnes can provide optimum business strategies and professional service solutions to combat the musculoskeletal crisis locally and globally, while enhancing business value and profitability. 

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